STMPD recording studios is Amsterdam’s largest
recording studio facility. Designed as the ultimate
playground for music and audio post-production.

Mix Stage

Everything about our Dolby ATMOS mix stage is truly next level. A speaker system consisting of no less than 51 Alcons speakers, all with the same Pro-Ribbon HF driver for incredible detail and an uniform soundstage. All processing in the B chain is phase-linear. Combined with perfectly engineered acoustics this ensures optimal mix translation. Besides theatrical mixing, the Mix Stage is also suitable for ATMOS home entertainment mixing.

The Avid S6-M40 console is equipped with display modules, dedicated EQ and dynamics sections, and a Post module. All powerful Pro Tools systems are easily accessible via an IHSE KVM matrix.

Perfect projection is achieved with a Sony SRX-R510P 4K DCI projector and a Severtson SAT-4K woven projection screen. We can play DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD, Streaming, Apple TV etc. External sources (SDI, HDMI, MADI) can easily be connected.

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Avid S6 M40-32

Dedicated EQ module

Dedicated dynamics module

Post module

TMC-1 S6

Speaker System

Alcons CR3bi (5x, screen channels)

Alcons CB362 (4x, LFE)

Alcons CB151 (4x, surround LFE)

Alcons CRS12/CRS8 (38x, surrounds/overhead)

Alcons Sentinel10/3 amplifiers


Sony SRX-R510P 4K DCI projector

Sony QCMB-SDI input board

Dolby CP850

Severtson SAT-4K woven screen

Screen size 8,1x3,5m

AJA 12G SDI matrix

Muxlab HDMI matrix

AppleTV, Blu-Ray playback


Pro Tools HDX3 (player)

Pro Tools HD native (recorder)

IHSE KVM matrix

(additional workstations can be added)

Avid MADI HD (2x)



Exponential Audio Surround 3D reverb bundle

All Plugin-Alliance plug-ins

All Universal Audio plug-ins

The Cargo Cult Stemcell

The Cargo Cult Spanner

Waves Horizon

Many more, contact us for full list


Dolby ATMOS Theatrical

Dolby ATMOS Home Entertainment

7.1.4, 7.1.2, 7.1, 5.1 etc




Studio 1
Studio 4
Studio 2
Studio 5
Studio 6
Studio 3
Studio 7
Mix Stage


We love everything that has to do with sound and music.
Some of our latest projects are listed down below.

The Angel (Netflix)

The Angel is an Israeli-American spy thriller, directed by Ariel Vromen. We recorded ADR with main actor Marwan Kenzari.

Weval - The Weight

For Weval’s long anticipated second album ‘The Weight’ the Amsterdam based duo teamed up with Rob and Eelco to work on the album’s final mix revisions at STMPD recording studios.