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STMPD recording studios is Amsterdam’s largest recording studio facility.
Designed as the ultimate playground for music and audio post-production.


With its grand history, these studios have welcomed (inter)national artists and producers like Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, The Black Eyed Peas, The Script, David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Big Sean, Akon and of course Martin Garrix himself.

After Martin Garrix B.V. acquired the famous FC Walvisch studio complex in April 2017, the facilities have been completely upgraded, giving the place new energy while maintaining the creative atmosphere, high service level and welcoming vibe. The studios are designed as a perfect mix between traditional quality standards and today’s production workflows.

Besides music, the studio has a long history in post production, providing audio services like re-recording mixing, ADR, sound design and music composition for film, high profile series, commercials and documentaries. Clients include Netflix, ABC, CBS, various film production companies, broadcasters and (inter)national advertising agencies.

Conveniently and discretely located, the studio is easily accessible within a 20 minute drive from Schiphol airport and only 10 minutes from the city center.


Audio engineer
After graduating with honors from Pulse college with a Sound Engineering and Music Production degree, Alex took the leap and applied for an opportunity at STMPD recording studios. As a kind, ambitious and hospitable technical assistant, he is proving himself to be a great asset to the team. Next to that, his sense of humour, creative mind and great work ethic are much appreciated by his colleagues as well as our clients. He has demonstrated his skills both in his own music and in assisting others with theirs.

Senior sound designer
Eelco is a Grammy nominated audio engineer, sound designer and music composer. As a studio veteran since 2005 he became a jack of all trades working on a very broad range of productions from international pop hits to feature films to art installations. He has credits on tracks of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Weval, Klangstof, David Guetta, and worked on many big international films and series as well as countless commercials for many (inter)national advertising agencies.

Audio engineer
Anton Pieete was born into a family of sound engineers and has dedicated his life to music ever since. There have been spells playing guitar in hardcore metal bands, years spent on old synthesizers and drumcomputers , unusual live performances and more then two decades spent producing and DJing under his given name. During that period, he notched up well over a century of heavyweight releases. Over the years Anton has developed himself to be an audio engineer with incredible mixing and production skills. After freelancing at STMPD studios for a short while, we could not wait to offer him a full time position. He has proven to be a great addition to the team. 

Senior audio engineer
Rob is the audio engineer that has a mission to make all your recordings perfect. In love with all things music and audio, he started his personal journey in music as a DJ when he was 12 years old. Soon after making his own music he found his passion in recording and mixing. Known for his wide taste in music ranging from Reggae to Hip Hop and from Jazz to Pop. He has worked with and/or has credits on records of: Martin Garrix, Bono, Avicii, Akon, Roddy Ricch, Dean Lewis, Matisse & Sadko, Maejor, Afrojack, David Guetta, Mike Yung, Weval and many others.

Studio Manager
Roel began his career at Sony after receiving a master’s degree in Sound and Music Technology. There he worked as an authoring engineer and technical consultant in their Super Audio CD division. Through his work there on cutting-edge high-resolution audio, his passion for music and sound led him to venture deeper into audio engineering, joining Galaxy Studios in Belgium as an assistant recording/mixing engineer. While honing his skills in the mix room, Roel also secured a large-scale tape archiving project for a major record label. He in the course of that work, became an expert on analog tape formats and restoration. Roel is an established engineer/producer and an experienced educator in Music Production & Sound Engineering. His client list includes Willie Nelson, Caro Emerald, Kane, Wende, Krezip, Alain Clark, Snoop Dogg, Moke, Echovox, Duffy, Orgelvreten, Enrique Iglesias, 3Js, Live, Waylon, Robin Thicke, Ramon Valle and many others. With that impressive career history, he fits in perfectly as studio manager at STMPD studios, full of ideas to tap into new markets. His passion for the industry is felt by the entire team.

Pieete, CAS
Sound Supervisor/Re-recording mixer
Herman is an award winning, independent sound supervisor and re-recording mixer. Residing at STMPD recording studios he works on feature films and series. The extensive collaboration on projects and mutual interest in pushing the boundaries of sound quality and creativity makes him an indispensable part of the STMPD family. He worked with directors like Paul Verhoeven, Bille August and Brian De Palma to name a few. A full, up to date filmography can be found on the IMDB.

Wall of fame

STMPD recording studios is Amsterdam’s largest recording studio facility.
Designed as the ultimate playground for music and audio post-production.

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Slide wall Gavin James
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We love everything that has to do with sound and music.
Some of our latest projects are listed down below.

Sevdaliza - Raving Dahlia (EP) in Dolby Atmos

We had the honor to mix Sevdaliza’s newest EP in Dolby Atmos.

Lavinia Meijer - Are You Still Somewhere? (Album)

Lavinia Meijer, one of the world’s most critically acclaimed harpists, recorded her new album “Are You Still Somewhere?” at STMPD recording studios.