From cosy writing rooms to large format recording rooms, there’s a room for every need, all built with perfect acoustics and superb gear.


Welcoming producers and performers from all over the world, our studios are non-stop buzzing
with music in all genres, from chart topping pop hits to indie gems.

Remote mixing

Need your song mixed, but don’t have the time or
the budget for an attended session?

Producer coaching

Bring your music production skills to the next level
with producer coaching by Mark Otten.

Writing camps

Get productive

At STMPD studios it’s all about creating the ultimate recording environment. You’ll feel at home right away due to our famous relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff.

The studios are a smart hybrid of modern digital production workflows and vintage analog sound quality, with only the very best gear. There’s a gorgeous instrument and backline collection, and of course our professional engineers, who work on world hits on a daily basis.

We're open to all artists and labels, as we operate independently from STMPD RCRDS.

With our remote mixing service, you now have the opportunity to have your track mixed by one of our experienced engineers utilizing the superior acoustics and high-end gear of our studios, without the need of physically being here. This way we can charge a lower price while maintaining the highest quality.

How it works: Your track is mixed by one of our engineers using one of our consoles and our vast collection of plug-ins and outboard gear. There’s two rounds of mix revisions within the price. When the mix is finished, we send you the uncompressed master, as well as instrumental and acapella versions.

The Remote Mixing service can be combined with additional studio time with you being present in the studio for final tweaks.

We have set up a Producer Coaching program for music producers in collaboration with Mark Otten. In this program you’ll be able to focus on the specific aspects of your productions that you want to improve, like mixing, composition and/or arranging. All sessions are held at the STMPD recording studios.

Producer Coaching is available to those who already have (some) experience producing music and have the drive to improve and develop. We strive to support those with a genuine passion for music production

Any style/genre is welcome and you can work within your own DAW.

Our facility is perfectly suited for writing camps, large or small. Want to go XXL? We can turn the live rooms of the larger studios into separate production rooms, so we can offer a grand total of eleven writing rooms.

Our smart network makes sharing projects between participants super easy. Various options are possible, contact us for details.


With 8 studios ranging from A-class recording rooms to a large Dolby Atmos mix stage,
STMPD recording studios is the ultimate playground for music production and audio post production.

Mix Stage
Studio 1
Studio 2
Studio 3
Studio 4
Studio 5
Studio 6
Studio 7


We love everything that has to do with sound and music.
Some of our latest projects are listed down below.

The Angel (Netflix)

The Angel is an Israeli-American spy thriller, directed by Ariel Vromen. We recorded ADR with main actor Marwan Kenzari.

Weval - The Weight

For Weval’s long anticipated second album ‘The Weight’ the Amsterdam based duo teamed up with Rob and Eelco to work on the album’s final mix revisions at STMPD recording studios.