STMPD recording studios is Amsterdam’s largest
recording studio facility. Designed as the ultimate
playground for music and audio post-production.

Studio 2

Designed with today’s production techniques in mind, Studio 2 seamlessly integrates the best of the digital and analogue world. Perfect acoustics, PMC MB3-XBD monitors, a Neve Genesys Black console, mastering grade Merging Horus converters, Pro Tools HDX, and serious high end outboard. Ideal for producing, recording, mixing, and anything else.

Want to use your own DAW? Bring your laptop and simply hook up through our smart USB and HDMI link and get access to all console inputs and outputs while sitting comfortably at the console’s sweet spot.

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Control room 45m2

Iso booth/overdub room 25m2


Neve Genesys Black G32

VCA dynamics on all channels

88R and classic 1084 style EQs


Merging Horus (40x analog IO)

Neve Genesys via RME MadiFace Pro for laptops

download the driver here:


Mac Pro 7.1 16 core 96gb ram

Pro Tools Ultimate HD

Logic Pro X

Universal Audio Octo DSP card

All UAD plug-ins

ALll Plugin-Alliance plug-ins

Many other plug-ins: please contact us for full list.


Neve 1073 console preamps (16x)

Merging Horus preamps (40x)

Additional preamps available, see lunchbox section


Thermionic Culture

- The Phoenix mastering PLUS

Urei 1178

Chandler Limited TG-1

Tube-Tech CL-1B

Retro Instruments Sta-Level

PulTec EQM-1S3 (2x)

Eventide H3000D/SE

Eventide DSP4000

Lexicon 300L

Klark-Teknik DN780

Sony R7

Sony M7


Sony 55” 4K OLED display / Blackmagic Decklink Extreme 3D / SYNC HD


Various industry standard mics available, please contact us for the actual list.


NI Kontrol S88

Lots of synths, guitars and amps available.

Our instrument collection is constantly evolving.

Please contact us for details.


Studer A812 ¼ inch master recorder

(currently in revision)

LUNCHBOX 1 (on request)

Neve 1073 preamp

Neve 1073 equalizer

Neve 2264 compressor

Chandler Limited TG-2 500 preamp

Chandler Limited TG-Opto compressor

LUNCHBOX 2 (on request)

Shadow Hills Industries

Mono-GAMA preamp

SSL 611 E-series equalizer

SSL 611 E-series compressor

API 512V mic preamp

API 527 compressor

Maag EQ4 equalizer with air band


Studio 1
Studio 4
Studio 2
Studio 5
Studio 6
Studio 3
Studio 7
Mix Stage


We love everything that has to do with sound and music.
Some of our latest projects are listed down below.

Sevdaliza - Raving Dahlia (EP) in Dolby Atmos

We had the honor to mix Sevdaliza’s newest EP in Dolby Atmos.

Lavinia Meijer - Are You Still Somewhere? (Album)

Lavinia Meijer, one of the world’s most critically acclaimed harpists, recorded her new album “Are You Still Somewhere?” at STMPD recording studios.