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From feature film to advertising, from Dolby Atmos to 360 VR. Sound design, music, ADR, re-recording mixing, you name it. With pristine equipment, skilled and friendly staff, a very comfortable ambiance and our famous great service.


We are highly experienced in audio post production for film, episodic TV and AR/VR,
for (inter)national advertising agencies to Hollywood production companies.

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Cosy rooms, big screens, great sound, smooth sessions.

Sound design

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At STMPD recording studios there’s quite a history with post production. Since the early 90’s, this studio has been a sound design and music composition powerhouse. And with the recent renovation we've set the bar even higher.

Services include sound design, bespoke music production, mixing, ADR, foley and voice-over recording.

Our studios are designed up to the highest standards for post production duties. An advanced central storage system ensures super fast operation and secure data handling.

Our Dolby Atmos Premier Studio certified Mix Stage is truly next level. Built to the highest standards, while maintaining that cosy relaxed vibe. Click the button below to find out more.

Need a smooth running ADR session? We’ve got you covered. With highly experienced staff, great sounding rooms and solid technology we’ll make your session run effortless. Remote linking is possible through Source Connect Pro.

If needed we can supply dialog editing and ADR supervision/direction services. Please contact us for references and technical details.

Historically our studio always specialized in sound design, with years of experience working with anything from advertising to feature film to AR/VR and interactive installations.

Feel free to contact us to talk about the possibilities.

Our team of in-house composers and producers combined with our short ties to the music industry offer us a vast pool of talent to work with on bespoke music production and sonic branding.

Combine that talent with the crazy musician’s candy shop that is our studio, and the possibilities are endless.

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive supports the (co)production of cinematic feature films, feature- length documentaries and feature-length animated films and high-end TV-drama, documentary and animation series, or single episodes.

An application can be made for international and domestic (co)productions to obtain a cash rebate up to 35% for film productions and 30% for high-end TV-series on eligible production costs.


With 8 studios ranging from A-class recording rooms to a large Dolby Atmos mix stage,
STMPD recording studios is the ultimate playground for music production and audio post production.

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We love everything that has to do with sound and music.
Some of our latest projects are listed down below.

Sevdaliza - Raving Dahlia (EP) in Dolby Atmos

We had the honor to mix Sevdaliza’s newest EP in Dolby Atmos.

Lavinia Meijer - Are You Still Somewhere? (Album)

Lavinia Meijer, one of the world’s most critically acclaimed harpists, recorded her new album “Are You Still Somewhere?” at STMPD recording studios.